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October 15, 2011 :

My LIVE (NONSTOP) performance for an hour in front of a music loving, jam packed audience at the famous "Littleton Performing Arts Center" in Massachusetts, organized by Boston Sargam on October 15, 2011. Special thanks to : Mr. Siraj khan Sahab for recommending my name to this esteemed organization, Mrs. Swathi Subramanium who was the MC and the person behind this show, Mr. Jawed Wahid who was in charge of sound. I personally thank all the committee members, for giving me an opportunity to perform at this prestigious function. Best Regards, Javid Raza Connecticut-USA

June 20, 2010 :

Charminar Connection event in June 2010

Charminar Connection June 2010 event

March 19, 2010 :

Ek Haseen Shaam Ko by Javid Raza (originally sung by Mohd. Rafi for Baat Ek Raat Ki composed by Madan Mohan)

Ik Tim-Timaatay Diye Ko Suraj Say Na Milaao
Is Awaaz Ko Suro'n Kay Samrat Say Na Milaao
Main Aashiq Hoon, Parastaar Hoon Rafi Sahab Ka
Mai Khaak Hoon, Mujhay Khaak Hi Mein Rehnay Do!!


Article on Javid Raza :

March 19, 2010 :

December 27, 2008 : Six new songs uploaded :


December 1, 2008 : Four new songs from the album IBTEDA are being added on youtube :


To all my dear fans...

"Mujhe iss ka gham nahin,
ke badal jaaye zamaana
Meri zindagi hai tumse,
kahin tum badal na jaanaa

I am very happy to receive loads of wonderful comments as well as critiques on Youtube and by personal emails from Australia, Russia, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, etc. I am just an ordinary singer, however, it is your love for the one and only Rafi Sahab that whoever, is trying to sing his songs, gets some kind of encouragement.

Due to time constraints, I have not been able to respond to the comments on Youtube but I take this opportunity to thank everyone for the same.

Javid Raza

Comments ...

"Singers Sonu Nigam and American singer Javid Raza are doing a good job by keeping Rafi Sahib memories alive."

Mirza Ahmed Baig
Fremont,CA. in an article on
Charmainar Connection Forum

Some of the comments that I have received for my songs uploaded on Youtube

"Wah wah. kia baat hai. excellent. maintained your voice well through out. "


"Masha have a very nice voice. Keep up the good work. "

Salma Zaman

"Salaam, Javid-Sahab. You have got a beautifull voice. Mashaallah. Good expressions, right modulation. Thanks for song."

Elmar Rajsur

"Nice voice keep to sing i love this song so much...from ur voice it seems that u can feel the meaning of this song.......... "


"Wonderful songs, good song selection and a voice full of melody. Keep it up Javid. Abdulhadi should arrange your program for the Aliyans in Toronto."

Javaid Bashir

"Javid; One of my favorite songs. You have captured the spirit of the song. This is one of your best renditions."


"Javid, this is the closest anyone has come to the version sung by Rafi during a live concert where he actually sang it better then the original version from Dulari.Congrats. You have done the seemingly impossible. Simply fantastic.You are the closest human to ever come so close to Rafi "



Krishna Sukhwal

"Wah kya baath hai saab ! Long live Javid. "


"Wah Wah Wah Excellent"


"Beautiful song, very well sung, fairly close to Rafi sahab's rendition. Keep it up. "


Personal Emails / Letters

Variations of my name.





About Javid Raza

Javid hails from a very elite family of Hyderabad, India.His father, Mr. Hashmath Raza was the Chief/State Architect of Andhra Pradesh, India. His father's uncle was the Governor of Maharashtra, India.

Javid had a devout inclination to singing/music from childhood. His inborn talent for singing is a God's Gift. He was given the title of a "child prodigy" by his Gurus in music. He received formal training in music by Ustad Tasadduq Hussain Sahab. His favorite raagas are "Raag Yemen" and "Raag Darbari". A few of his favorite numbers are "Zindagi Bhar Nahi Bhoolegi Wo Barsaat Ki Raat" (Raag Yemen) and "O Duniya Ke Rakhwale" (Raag Darbari). His Ustaad always recommended him to join the Hindustani College of Music for theoretical training in music, but his parents wanted him to become a doctor as he excelled in academics especially Science. His schooling was done from the prestigious Hyderabad Public School formerly known as the "Jagirdar College".

During his college years, he worked part time at AIR - All India Radio Station, Hyderabad for almost a year, where he met famous maestros, musicians, singers and other artists from all over India.

He was offered a job of a version singer by a head hunter to work with the musical maestros Laxmikant-Pyarelal Ji. He declined that offer as he was in his final year of his Masters degree. Later, he moved to Dubai. And then came an offer from the famous Music Director, Ravi Sahab in his talent hunt for a new voice. Unfortunately, Javid was unable to take this opportunity due to his newly acquired job restrictions.

Javid was always an ardent fan of the "Great Legend - Rafi Sahab". Now, Javid resides in Darien, Connecticut, U.S.A.. He works for a reputable European Airline and has a full time job. He performs on the week ends. He juggles his time between work and music, which is his all time most revered hobby.

Music has always been a solace for him. He has traveled all over U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Panama, Caribbean Islands, South America, Middle East, Pakistan and India and given numerous shows with famous Bollywood and Pakistani artists. He has been bestowed with several trophies and awards as the "Voice of Mohammed Rafi". But Javid is a very down to earth person who feels that "QUDRAT KO SIRF AIK HI RAFI DARKAAR HAI' and nobody can equal legends like Rafi Sahab.

Like all professionals need to learn constantly to update themselves, Javid strongly believes in ongoing learning in the field of music He says, "Bin Guru Gyaan Kahan Se Paoon, Dee Jo Daan, Hari Gunn Gaoon". He has a natural talent of writing poetry, which he probably inherited from his uncle who is a renowned Shaayar "Akbar Hyderabadi" currently residing in London.

Javid has three CDs to his credit. The first one is titled "TADAP", the second one is "IBTEDA" and the third one is "Memorable Songs of Rafi". He gave playback for the movie "Bandhak", which was produced in USA. He sang a religious couplet/shlok for a Television Documentary, "Diya Jyothi" He sang for a TV serial "Mausam", which was telecast on "Zee TV".

These are his redeeming qualities - humble, modest, soft spoken, polite and extremely kind hearted, which coincidentally are identical to his role model, Rafi Sahab. He is very content with what God has bestowed him with.


Hindi singer Javid Raza at a show in memory of Mohammed Rafi

Though his forte is Rafi Sahab's songs, Javid is an extremely versatile singer. He sings Ghazals, Bhajans, new and old melodies, pop numbers, Sufi songs and Punjabi numbers. He has sung in various languages namely, Urdu / Hindi / Sanskrit / English / Telugu / Afghani / Bengali / Punjabi / Gujarati & Marathi.

Last but not the least, Javid thanks his audience and his well wishers, for keeping his singing alive.



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